Birch firewood in containers

Birch firewood, container, delivery, transport, export, production, trade, Ariogala, Kaunas county, Nadis UAB, LithuaniaEven our ancestors knew that our forests growing hardwoods – the best intense heat extracted burning birch wood. Prepare firewood only in Lithuanian forests. Especially good for burning houses had already desiccated wood. NADIS UAB prepares and sells high-quality natural moisture and dry birch firewood for burning solid fuel boilers, stoves, fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces.

We use only high quality raw from the Lithuanian forests. In this way, we can always provide our customers with excellent quality products.

Firewood sold in both Lithuania and the Western European market. The near term, we plan to produce more for export. Most of our current clients abroad – from Scandinavia.

Wood we offer big bags, packaging – UV stabilized bags of 40 and 60 liters, pallets, and wood stacked in containers about 2 m3. If you prefer, firewood biofuel can be prepared according to each customer’s needs (bring a note pad or cut) and cut to the required length, divide the desired coarseness. Ready firewood delivered (or thrown beautifully arranged in rows) you to the location, convenience. Ready to transportation of firewood from 2 m3 to 10 m3, or after 40 m3. Uncut firewood deliver 10, 30 or 60 m3 and unload with hydraulic crane.

Also, try to provide other types of products you warm and comfortable life. Our goal – to continue to expand its range of products for export and to offer an excellent “door to door” service to our customers.

Wood is a renewable fuel source to help contribute to our organic lifestyle enhancement. When you buy Lithuanian wood – helping to preserve Baltic States natural primeval beauty, contributing to sustainable forest conservation.

NADIS UAB produce and trade Lithuanian birch firewood in containers, splitted for our clients needs at good prices.
Every buyer – always welcome!