Structural timber

Wood processing, cutting, sawmill, timber, boards, spruce, pine, single, double, cutting, fences, formwork, rafters, purlins, stringers, manufacturer, Ariogala town, Kaunas county, Nadis UAB, LithuaniaTimber and its products are widely used in construction as a finishing material or structures supporting elements. Timber is valued for its environmental friendliness as a raw material is easily processed, is durable. Various wooden elements give the interior comfort, adjust indoor air humidity.

NADIS UAB carries wood cutting services and treatment. Continuous, long-term experience with woodworking, qualified staff were carried out orders to customers on time and with high quality. The company cut both hardwood and softwood.

Timber products – mostly made of pine or spruce logs. Wooden structural elements used in the construction industry, the public, industry, and trade and warehousing facilities, residential construction. The dimensions of the products may be very different, depending on each construction site technical parameters and requirements specifications.

Range of products – various timber blanks and products:

  • structural timber,
  • finishing (decorating) boards,
  • timber for roof construction,
  • fencing boards,
  • pallets (racks),
  • pad blanks,
  • solid timber garden furniture (oak, ash).

NADIS UAB produce structural timber blanks:

  • single cutting boards,
  • double cutting boards,
  • fencing boards,
  • flooring boards,
  • siding (exterior and interior use),
  • and other boards for construction (peeled or not).

Roof structural timber manufacture according to customer requirements:

  • logs of various sizes and cleats for different needs,
  • beams,
  • rafters,
  • purlins,
  • planks (different size),
  • other wood products.

Company`s head and specialists have many years of experience in timber cutting, wood goods processing. We carry wood preservatives and flame retardants, processing soaking method. Execution is mainly in the production of wood surface impregnation, wood impregnation depth and fire wood impregnation. All wood products and timber can be processed according to customer demand.

NADIS UAB timber and wooden products produced in the highest quality and you can buy it at a very reasonable price!